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Appraisal Types 

  • Full Residential Appraisals with Interior Inspections                  
  • Drive-by Residential Appraisals with No Interior Inspection      
  • Appraisals by FHA Approved Appraisers                                    
  • Full Residential Appraisals for Income Properties                      
  • Commercial Appraisal Report                                                     
  • Appraisal Reviews                                                                      
  • Re-Inspections and Additional Addenda                                       

Approved Lenders
Aurora Loan Services, Inc, Bank of America, Bank United,FSB, Chase Home Finance, Fannie Mae, Heritage
Bank, HSBC Mortgage Corp. USA, JP Morgan Chase Bank
Geographic Coverage
CA - Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara

Our Licensed Appraisers
Ted E. Faravelli CA Lic # AG003355 Exp.03/28/2018